OST Принцесса Лебедь - Чудная идея на анг.языке

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Исполнитель: OST Принцесса Лебедь

Название песни: Чудная идея на анг.языке

Прочитано раз: 816

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Текст песни:

DerekI cant believe Im stuck with her all summer
Ill bet she doesnt wrestle, hunt or box

OdetteHe looks conceited

Derek What a total bummer

Odette & Derek If I get lucky Ill get chicken pox

Derek So happy you could come

Odette So happy to be here

Odette & Derek How Id like to run

Odette This is not my

Derek This isnt my idea

Odette & Derek Of fun

Queen Uberta The children seem to get along quite nicely

King William Well join our lands if this arrangement clicks

Queen Uberta My dear King William, thats my point precisely

King William Its such good parenting

Queen Uberta And politics
So happy we agree

King William I think weve got a deal

Queen Uberta Dereks quite a catch

King William This is my idea

Queen Uberta This is my idea

King William & Queen Uberta Of a match

Queen Uberta and such fun

King William Good heavens, child, dont dawdle
We cant keep Derek waiting

Odette I haven't packed or washed my hair
And father I get seasick

Queen Uberta She soon will be arriving
Is that respect you're showing

Derek You make me kiss her hand again
I swear I'm gonna be sick

King William One day Prince Derek will be her intended

Queen Uberta Splendid

Derek We've tried all summer but we just can't lose her

Odette Hey fellas, wait up

Bromley Quick, put on some speed

Derek When picking teams

Bromley Or friends

Derek I never choose her

Bromley You'd think she'd take a hint a learn to read

Odette This really isn't fair

Derek & Bromley We really couldn't care

Odette Boys, it's all or none
This is not my

Derek & Bromley This isn't my idea

Odette, Derek & Bromley Of fun

Chorus Long before they met
Derek and Odette
Were destined to be wedded
However anyone could see
The only point on which they didn't disagree
Was that the very thought of summertime
Was dreaded

Derek She tries to talk me into playing dress-up
She's always flirting with the castle guards

Bromley I think you really sorta like her, 'fess up

Derek I'd like her better if she'd lose at cards
(spoken) Four sevens and a ten

Odette I think I've won again

Derek & Bromley Every time she's won

Odette This is my idea

Derek This isn't my idea

Odette & Derek Of fun

Chorus We need a royal wedding
I'd love to be invited
At least we'd get a holiday to rest our ploughs and axes
Someday these two will marry
Two lands will be united
And with some luck their marriage may result in lower taxes

King William What if Odette doesn't go for the merger?

Queen Uberta Urge her

Odette & Derek For as long as I remember
We've been told we'd someday wed
Every June until September

Derek All their pushing and annoying hints

Odette I've got bruises with their fingerprints

Derek I can do much better I am sure

Odette He's so immature

Odette I see him smiling and my knees start buckling
I see inside him and my doubts are gone

Derek She started out as such an ugly duckling
And somehow suddenly became a swan

Odette So happy to be here

Derek 'Til now I never knew

Odette & Derek It is you I've been dreaming of

Derek This is my idea

Odette This is my idea

Chorus What a good idea, such a charming and romantic notion
This is my idea (This is my idea)
Such a good idea (Such a good idea)
What a good idea, such a powerful and magic potion
This is exactly my idea
Of love

Odette This is my idea

Derek This is my idea

Odette & Derek This is my idea

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Чудная идея на анг.языке OST Принцесса Лебедь

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