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Исполнитель: (OST Дворовые танцы) The Pack

Название песни: Vans

Прочитано раз: 363

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(Young L)
Got my vans on, but they look like sneakers
Got my vans on, but they look like sneakers
Got my vans on, but they look like sneakers
U Wearin' coke whites cuz my vans look clean and
Got my vans on, but they look like sneakers
Got my vans on, but they look like sneakers
Got my vans on, but they look like sneakers
U Wearin' coke whites cuz my vans look clean

[Verse 1]
Got my vans on, finna out walk out the door
Put five on the grapes so u know i'm gon' blow
Got the new pack shoe, bought it right out the door
Holla at the dope girls, dope boys all GO...
Man, if u really tight, then u gotta get vans
See me in the club, bitch i'ma grown man
If u see me at a party, then it must be crack
Cost 36 dollars, all black, yes
Like my niggas may slap and we get clothes mayne
Fuck coke whites, cuz my vans fukkin gold
Got new top-siders finna fly like kites
Go to sleep in the day, go to parties at night
Man, i'm from B-town and all my niggas get like...
Man, we be sportin vans and we throw away Nikes
If u wanna get right, stop buyin those Nikes
Get some new fukkin vans and u'll bet u look icey...(hey)


[Verse 2]
I wear checkered vans the same color as snow (hey)
When Uno spit crack, the same color as coke (yes)
Got my vans on, but they look like sneakers
U wearin coke whites, but my vans are clean
They slip in and out real easy, like blunts
U can get different colors, like rainbows
Since 1966, Vans had set a trend
I got a blue pair, yea, in a size 10
Get ur grown man on, when u wear top-siders
Button ups and sweaters, equal attire
Either 1, 2 step
Yea, get ur boogie on
Go slide real quick, like you got skates on
They some punk rock shoes, so they get real dirty
Sole kinda thick, like a big booty chick
A big booty chick?... yea, thas what i said
36 dollars and ur cashin out for some vans (hey)


[Verse 3]
(Yea, Young L, lets go)
Yea, i'm raw nigga, wit my got damn vans on
Slip 'em off, slip 'em on, cuff in my pants,
So they don't get torn in the back
It's a punk rock shoe, with the logo in the back
Got the red ones laced up in a size 10
Got the all black vans on witta skull head
I GO...
Catch me in my vans goin dumb
At a function or a party, we gon' get this shyt started
They got all kinda vans, like checkered different colors
If u lace 'em pass the fourth hole, u some type of sucker
Once copped me a pair from the skateboard shop
Went home, they didn't fit, then i had re-cop
I give a fukk, yea ya boy rock slip ons
But I bet i'll snatch ur chick wit my got damn vans on
Holla at cha boy, but i can tell ya where i got these
Vans don't cost G's, real niggas wear these vans (yea...)


[Verse 4]
(Yea, yea, lets go...)
In my van shoes, but they look like sneakers
Yea, they old skool, like high-top Adidas
Now we gettin money, all these niggas wanna be us
But i don't give a fukk cuz my whole team see us
These niggas wouldn't bust a nut in a porno flick
Black on black, so they won't get dirty
Lookin like a grown man, feelin like i'm 'bout 30
Super official, Short blow the whistle
Talk to my pistol if u got an issue
Smokin' purple stuff, got my eyes all hazy
Play dat Young Stunna, dope girls go crazy
My vans go stupid, skitz-oh-manie
Better cuff ya chick, slip-ons get ladies
U can have them coke whites wit them dirty ass laces
Nigga, vans GO, all u lame niggas face it
But my vans lime green, yea, i'm flyer than a space ship

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Vans (OST Дворовые танцы) The Pack

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