Kagamine Rin & Len - Childish War [ENG]

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Исполнитель: Kagamine Rin & Len

Название песни: Childish War [ENG]

Прочитано раз: 1003

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Once upon a time, yes, a very long time ago
Lived a family noble and old, whose children were very close
And on and on it goes....

"Hey, do it right"

"Now to your throne" the butler starts the show (Ready go)
Ready go, a knife and a fork to point in your face, I'll take you any day
After all, we're noble - the middle class'
Grandest and richest of families so don't ever look down on us (yeah?)

So bow down to us, you peasants, standing here's your prince and princess
We're here to call to attention all of your mistakes

Hey, hold up, hold up, aren't you lying again?
Whataya bet you can't see through anything I throw at you?

Right, right, right, right
I'll leave them under you, since you want it so bad (lol)

You're just so annoying God, just so annoying
Acting high mighty around me like you're the queen
Ready aim and fire, gong that never tires
Rioting tonight, it's a war but not a fist fight

Causing so much trouble, see my mischief double
C'mon, boy, you gotta admit that I do it in style
And for buying at this "special bargain sale"
I thank you for your precious service, beat you fair and square


Back to backing away, retreat
But I have an idea to beat
Giving into her puerile goals
We're head to head and toe to toe
"Who the hell do you think I am?"
Yeah, I'm the rulebook, that's a slam
Calling me so dumb, thinking that I'll run
Maybe humility is not so bad

Now, now, everyone, come and take my hands please
It's only natural that I'm tranquil
If you really didn't know, I cheat by nature
Always reaching for that one thing greater
It's in my blood, you know we're famous for our war strength
This one here, that one there, everywhere
Yes I've won the fight Peace sign
Yay (

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Childish War [ENG] Kagamine Rin & Len

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